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Ashdod Port has decided to acquire four (4) new 13 m3 mechanical clamshell grabs, through a tender, which was granted to PEINER-SMAG Lifting Technologies.


Israel Shipyards Port has intention of buying a grab for handling very fine materials as urea, cat's sand and similar materials.


Israel Electric Corp. is planning to test a new steel rope by DIEPA, L53, in one of its cranes at Hadera Port, unloading coal, which may last almost the double of the time that the actual cables do.


Ashdod Port effected the option on the original contract for the orange-peel and ordered another two mechanical grabs, to be supplied by PEINER-SMAG Lifting Technologies



Stork Turbo Service became one of the suppliers for CENTAC compressors spare parts for Israel Electric Corporation



Ashdod Port issued an order for 16 clamshell grabs; nine grabs are sharp on blunt lips and seven grabs are overlapping bottom lips. The supplier is PEINER-SMAG Lifting Technologies



Ashdod issued and order for four orange-peel grabs; two mechanical and two electro-hydraulic. The supplier is PEINER-SMAG Lifting Technologies


Stork Turbo Services, from the Nethertlands, got a contract to inspect, replace all blades for three of the turbines of the boiler feed water pumps at the Ashkelon power plant. The new blades manufacture are to be conducted by Stork Turbo Blading


Peiner-SMAG lifting Technologies has supplied a mechanical four rope eco-grab to Haifa Port Company


Israel Shipyrads Port and Haifa Port are using eco-grabs for fine materials, manufactured by Peiner-SMAG Lifting Technologies


I am the agent for Israel for the Stork Group from the Netherlands.


CPI-Combustion Parts Inc. supplied transition pieces to IEC gas turbines.​

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